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Periscope is going up

04 April

Periscope, the new Twitter’s live streaming app which allows the users to stream video in real time and share it with their followers in Twitter has been launched approximately one week ago and it is already a boom.

Based on Topsy’s analysis, in less than a week, the first week of live for Periscope, the number of video stream posted on Periscope has already overtook the links shared with a similar but older (1 month older) app, Meerkat.

Indeed, in the first weekend of Periscope, the number of streams shared by the users almost reached 100 thousands, with a 51 thousands peek Saturday. Not a bad start.

People sometimes seem still a little bit confused by the new app, which is not perfect and still lacks of some basic functionality (such as search, overflow of notifications … ), probably due to an early push out as a reply to Meerkat, which has become immediately popular.

Nevertheless, everybody seems exited about Periscope, about the new capability of sharing real time video with the world. Thus, supposedly, Periscope will become a success!

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