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Kano: make kids built their own computer

29 November

Kano, a computer that you can make by yourself!

Kano is the last tech-product that tries to reach kids, and not only them, and make them learn how computers work,  from the hardware to the software. It will make you learn how to assemble your own PC!

Kano is one of the several projects on kickstarter, and is sort of a LEGO version of a PC, a version that actually works. The kit costs around 100-150$ and comes with several components:


  • The core, a Raspberry PI, model B. It has an ARM processor with 512MB RAM and 700MHz CPU … not bad as a toy
  • A clear plastic to protect the Raspberry
  • A keyboard with a trackpad
  • A speaker
  • A wireless USB dongle to connect to the Internet
  • An HDMI cable to connect to a monitor, a tv and so on
  • A 8GB SD card which comes with the pre-installed Kano OS, a Linux based OS customized to be more kid friendly
  • And the manual of course and some stickers to personalize your PC

Kano may look like a toy, but it’s actually more than that. At the end, not only you (or your kid) will have (hopefully) learned how the main computer’s components works, you will learn more about the mechanisms behind a PC and you will have a running machine. Yes, because, after the assembling process, you will be able to play with some applications such as Ping or Mincecraft and you will be able to have a first approach to coding too!

After all, it’s Christmas time, which means time to start thinking about presents, especially if you have a kid around … or someone older that never understood how a computer works