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Firefox Hello: your browser is calling

05 December

Firefox enable call directly from the browser. Firefox Hello’s Guest Mode lets you make free video and voice calls directly from the browser.

The Firefox 35 beta version released in October comes with the improved Firefox Hello video chat functionality.

Using the WebRTC standard Hello makes video call and chat available directly on your browser without any additional software installation.

In contrast with other call over IP solutions, such as Skype or Hangout, Firefox Hello doesn’t need any account. Hello allows you to connect with anyone who has a WebRTC-enabled browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Indeed, the only thing you need whenever you want to talk with one of your friends is sending the link of the conversation.


Furthermore, if you want to use Firefox Hello not just for a one-time call, but all the time, being always reachable, without having to send a link each time you want to call someone, you can sign in for a Firefox Account. Doing so, Firefox Hello will look like Skype. You will be able to reach all your contacts (if they have a Firefox account too).


Last thing, it’s free. You don’t have to pay to call with Firefox Hello.