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This section stores all the how to that can be helpful for programming, hacking and playing with a pc

How to convert .nrg to .iso

08 February

How to convert .nrg to .iso file using nrg2iso on Unix system. nrg2iso will convert your file generated by Nero into a .iso file

How to nat a PC using another PC

26 January

This short guide will show you how is it possible to nat a computer using another PC, giving in this way Internet access to the first PC

How to reduce PDF file size

03 November

How to reduce PDF file size using the shell command gs. It will reduce the size of the PDF file without affecting the quality of the output

How to use Weka Snowball Stemmer

28 June

Using Snowball stemmer, a data mining techniques to process you data and extract useful information using Weka