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Periscope is going up

04 April

Periscope, the new Twitter’s live streaming app which allows the users to stream video in real time and share it with their followers in Twitter has been launched approximately one week ago and it is already a boom. Based on Topsy’s analysis, in less than a week, the first week of live for Periscope, the […]

Kano: make kids built their own computer

29 November

Kano, a kit to make kid (and adult, why not) build their own PC. A Raspberry PI core and additional tools to make the experience to assemble a PC available to kid

ART (Android Runtime) will substitute the Dalvik VM

11 November

With the new Android Kit Kat 4.4 coming, several news has been introduced. One of them is ART, a new “runtime”  software designed to speed up Android apps.ART is a replacement for Dalvik , the process virtual machine (VM) used to run the application on Android devices till now. Dalvik is a virtual machine that […]